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| February 20th, 2010

Sportsman Lounge, Phoenix, AZ

Sportsman Lounge
4622 N. 7th St
Phoenix, AZ

Owner/Manager:  Kevin?
Was on 7th St. Hot young crowd every night for several years. They lost their lease in the late 70’s and it became a straight bar.

February 20, 1981 business card ad

One Response to Sportsman Lounge, Phoenix, AZ

  1. David W. Schwarz says:

    This was the first gay bar I went to. I was 17, and rigged up a fake ID. The entrance was in the back, which apparently was the case for many gay bars then, so that patrons wouldn’t have to worry about someone seeing them walk in.

    Many of the, ahem, “older men” (they were probably 22 or 23) were fascinated by me because I was still wearing braces. They thought it was cute.

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